The Bristly Chaps of Los Angeles

We are The Bristly Chaps of Los Angeles

We are the official So-Cal Chapter of Beard Team USA - We grow facial hair, and then then once every two years, gather in a different place around the world to show off our awesome facial hair and compete for the title of World's Best.
Jun 12

This is what happens when you gather 85 of the World’s Best Beards & Moustaches and throw them all on a boat.

Check out this video featuring several champions from this year’s World Beard & Moustache Championships as they make their voyage up the great Pacific to Anchorage, Alaska in May of 2009.

Beards & Moustaches from all over the world including Germany, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands and USA all took part in this hairy event which happens every other year in a different part of the world. 

In 2007, The Championships visited Brighton, England and in 2005 passed through Berlin.

Start growing your Beard or Moustache now for the 2011 World Beard & Moustache Championships and join up!

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There’s also the Hell’s Angeles of the bunch called, The Bristly Chaps, with it’s founding members based in Los Angeles.

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Shot with a Nikon D90 & Edited by Adam Scott Paul; Co-Founder of the Bristly Chaps.

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